Holiday parties might be one the best parties. Maybe its the season or maybe its the delicious appetizers and cocktails adorned with rosemary and cranberries that just make you want to scream "gimme all the holiday things". For most holiday parties I go to or throw I bring crock-pot meatballs. And I know you've all heard the expression "everything but the kitchen sink", well that pretty much sums up the sauce for these meatballs.

It's Monday night, and no, I don't have a holiday party to attend, but I did however, have a bag of meatballs and about 100 half used sauces in my refrigerator. The most basic (but delicious) party meatball recipe calls for BBQ sauce, grape jelly and sometimes sweet chili sauce. But because I loveeeeee to use things up and I see it as my personal challenge to waste as little as possible- I used about 12 different sauces and it worked. And don't worry I added chunky cranberry sauce as well so they were super holiday-appropriate meatballs. 

I must also note that I had 3 bottles of ketchup. Thats just ridiculous. 

Essentials: mixing bowl, wisk, a billion sauces and wine. Wine might have been the most important factor the creative juices a flowin'


There is no exact science to these meatballs. I will list what I used, but for those of you who are nervous to just dive into the fridge and start slingin' sauces, keep these general ingredients in mind:

BBQ sauce, some sort of jam(s), spice (if you like that). 

Also, cranberries are a great way to make this a holiday meatball, obviously :-) 


Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce

Kentucky Bourbon BBQ sauce

Homemade (chunky) cranberry sauce



Raspberry jam

Worcestershire sauce

Orange marmalade


Blueberry jam

Garlic powder

Adobo seasoning

Combine all ingredients you choose in bowl. I would suggest starting with the sauces you know will taste good together. Add small amounts and then taste. You can always add more of one sauce but you can't take it away. Pour sauce over meatballs. Cook on high in crock-pot for 3-4 hours. Be sure to stir occasionally to distribute the sauce over the meatballs.