I love wrapping gifts. Well, let me correct that. I hate wrapping gifts...but I like what they look like when i'm done and I also love coming up with new ways to make them look special. I kept it simple this year with brown paper, velvet ribbon and I then made these quick, last minute toppers with felt balls. They are super easy and you can buy felt balls at most craft stores and probably even Target because its Target. I actually hand-felted my felt balls because i'm a huge nerd and I know how to needle felt. Tutorials on that for another day. 


  • felt balls
  • some kind of string...doesn't really matter what kind
  • gold paper clips
  • big needle
  • pliers with cutting capabilities 


  • String your felt balls however you can switch it up and space them out or stack them. Get crazy. 
  • Take your gold paper clips and cut them so you end up with a long looking "J". 
  • Tie the string to one end and close the loop in "J". 
  • Loosely fold the straight end of the "J" as this will be the end that hooks onto the string on the package. 

Thats it folks. Its pretty simple and you now have some dope looking gifts. You're welcome and Merry Christmas. I need to go cook now!

I'm sorry but I had to post a picture of my new holiday-ish plates I got on sale at Anthropologie. I love them and everything on sale is now an extra 40% off if you need any last minute gifts. I want everything there....just saying. And no, I don't get paid to say that, I'm not that popular yet people. Merrrrrrrrry Chrimus!