So, I realize that I said on Instagram yesterday that I would post on the blog "later". "Later" has turned into today...so for those of you who are already planning your Thanksgiving tablescapes, well, I'm your girl. Bare with me people....I'm still getting the hang of this blogging thing. 

I do love how the table turned out. Simple, yet, colorful. I used a chalkboard runner and added the white paint pen embellishments (with the help of my sister, Shane) for a little extra flair. The Thanksgiving worksheet (get the printable PDF here) was actually a hit and everyone at the dinner table filled it out and then shared it afterward. No one made fun of me and no one ripped it up...winning. 

And because its Thanksgiving I just want everyone to know I'm super thankful for my husband, my family, food, humor, creative outlets and iphones (for when your real camera is acting up and you're trying to take pictures of your Thanksgiving tablescape).