Hi, I'm Caitlin; some people call me Cait, and those who know me best call me Tater.  I love to cook, create things for my home, entertain, and really, do anything that involves eating. I'm also fond of a good meme. Oh, and pizza is everything to me.

I grew up with a wonderful cook, my mother. I only ate white foods i.e. bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, ice cream, chicken...you get my drift. We never ate the the same thing and my mom would cut out recipes from the local paper and experiment each week. Some good, some bad (peanut butter fried chicken-I can't even tell you if it was good because I wouldn't even try it).

As I've gotten older my palate has become more refined and I have a great appreciation for my mom and the struggle she must have gone through with a kid who only ate starchy things. My love of cooking and food really flourished when I spent a year after I graduated from college working at an eco resort called Maho Bay Camps in St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands. I started as a volunteer in the kitchen and my creativity bloomed. The rest is history....or at least for another post. 

So why this blog? Beyond just my love of food and cooking, I crave creativity. I was a graphic design major...and I work in the financial industry. I am grateful for my job but I need an outlet. A good party with great appetizers, DIY centerpieces, and fancy cocktails is what really gets me going. 

I live in Charlotte, NC with my husband Clayton and my puggle Clyde. Caitlin, Clayton + Clyde...I know, it's a mouthful.